October 24, 2023

REPORT: Biden Adm. Pushing to Slow Down Israel Ground Attack

Joe Biden is putting his nose where some say it does not belong.

After Israel announced that it was going to launch a massive ground attack on Gaza to go after Hamas, the Biden administration reportedly asked them to pump the brakes.

This was reportedly so they had more time to work to free hostages, but then Joe went to Delaware for the weekend, showing the entire country where his priorities really lie… hanging out at the beach.

Wait for Me

Hamas is reportedly holding about 200 hostages, with Americans included in that contingent.

Biden should be at the White House, working day and night to get them free or assisting Israel in finding their location and mounting a rescue operation.

But, Joe had to work the last two weekends, so he decided to head to the beach on Friday and recharge his batteries, all the while asking Israel to hold off on its invasion of Gaza.

As is typical from this administration, the media could not get a straight answer, with White House spokesman John Kirby avoiding what the White House was pitching to Israel.

Kirby stated, “We have been talking to our Israeli counterparts about their plans, their intentions, their strategy. We have been asking them about how they're answering the tough questions that any military is going to have to do before you go on and conduct major operation.

“The Israeli defense forces, they make these decisions themselves.”

But we all know, with the aid that Israel needs from this country to fight its war, they will do whatever the White House says at this point.

Secretary of State Blinken was just as evasive, stating, “We're working to do everything we can, using whatever levers, partnerships, relationships we have to get them out. Israel is doing the same.

“But in terms of what we're talking to Israel about with regard to their military operations, it really is focused on both how they do it, and how best to achieve the results that they seek.”

As of this report, Netanyahu had still not launched his invasion of Gaza, but you know that trigger finger is twitching, and even though he needs US support, I doubt he will wait very long, especially if Hamas continues to lob missiles into Israel and continues to try sneak attacks at the border.

The clock is ticking… but Joe Biden is still going to go to the beach.

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