G. McConway
December 24, 2022

Marines May No Longer Able to Use ‘Sir’ and ‘Ma’am’

Just when you thought it could not get worse…

As if our military was not woke enough, now the Marines are considering issuing an order that bans the use of the words “ma’am” and “sir.”

This is being done to make sure the troops do not misidentify the gender of their leaders.


I kid you not, the study was 738 pages long and cost an estimated $2 million.

The report states, “Employing gender-neutral identifiers eliminates the possibility of misgendering drill instructors, which can unintentionally offend or cause discord.

“By teaching recruits to use gender-neutral identifiers for their drill instructors, Services underscore the importance of respecting authoritative figures regardless of gender.”

Who thinks up this nonsense?

The report continues, “Instead of saying ‘ma’am’ or ‘sir,’ recruits in these Services refer to their drill instructors using their ranks or roles followed by their last names.

“Gendered identifiers prime recruits to think about or visually search for a drill instructor’s gender first, before their rank or role.”

Col. Howard Hall, chief of staff for Marine Corps Training and Education Command, sounded less than thrilled with the idea.

He stated, “We’ve got a history of ‘sir, ma’am, sir, ma’am.’ If we change something at the root level, how do we make the corresponding change at the Fleet Marine Force? So it’s not ours to implement alone.”

This is hurting recruitment and retainment, as troops are sick and tired of being taught about pronouns instead of learning how to kill the enemy.

Podcaster Craig Chamberlain commented, “If captured by the enemy, at least we know our troops will be prepared to use the right pronouns.”

Maybe we can start panting pronouns on helmets for our troops.

I still cannot get over the fact that this is an actual “thing.”

We are literally trying to retool society to pacify such a minute percentage of the population that would be better served to see a psychologist than to be humored like this.

Source: New York Post

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