G. McConway
May 6, 2023

Senator Kennedy Stumps Deputy Energy Secretary

People keep selling Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) short, and they continue to pay the price.

The Biden administration seems to have taken the tact that if its officials go before Congress and act stupid, they can pretty much get away with whatever they want.

That may have worked the first time, but now GOP Senators and Representatives are doing their own research so they can have it ready to go to confront Biden officials.

Game On

Deputy Energy Secretary David Turk sounded like a buffoon when he was being questioned by Senator Kennedy.

For someone that works in the energy department, he had very little information about something that the is trying to sell to the American people.

Or, perhaps, it was what Senator Kennedy insinuated… that he just did not want to reveal the number because it is so steep with very little guarantee of being effective.

Before you crack open this Fox News video to see the exchange, just count how many times this brainiac uses the phrase, “get its act together” when talking about the United States…

So, is this man that unprepared and stupid or is he running a con on the American people?

If you want to sell climate change and reducing carbon emissions, you have to come to the table with hard data to convince people.

Saying I need $50 trillion for America to get its act together and not being able to offer up concrete numbers to back it just won’t fly with the American people… at least the ones with some common sense.

In reality, every country on the planet needs to be doing the same thing or we are just you-know-what into the wind.

For instance, when Biden buys oil from other countries rather than producing in the United States, it does nothing to the overall carbon footprint. When Japanese factories are using coal-fired electric plants to make solar panels, it could actually wind up doing more harm to the environment than those solar panels can offset.

And that does not even begin to address the mining that has to be done to be able to produce the batteries for electric vehicles.

Until they come with up hard data, how can they possibly expect the American people to not think they are having a con run on them?

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