G. McConway
November 24, 2022

Senator Cruz: Focus on Joe, Not Hunter

Senator Ted Cruz has a message for House Republicans.

Cruz believes their focus on Hunter Biden is all wrong.

The Texas Republican wants them to focus on Joe Biden, calling him the "Godfather."

One Leads to the Other

I rarely get into a debate with Ted Cruz on legal matters, as I am convinced he is one of the best legal minds in Congress today.

However, I think Cruz is a bit off-focus here, as the key to Joe Biden all lies with exposing Hunter Biden first.

Yet, Cruz stated, "The focus needs to be on Joe Biden, this is not about Hunter Biden, any more than if you're going after the mafia and you catch some low-level enforcer, or you're going after a drug cartel and you catch some mule who swallowed balloons full of heroin."

Ted, you go after the low-level people to get to the kingpin.

Hunter's laptop is the key to everything, which means Hunter Biden is the key to everything.

Furthermore, I firmly believe that Hunter Biden is holding firm because he believes that daddy will protect him no matter what.

If it becomes apparent that the hammer is going to fall on Hunter, do you really think that as weak-minded as he is, he will hold firm?

Even if there are no legal repercussions for Hunter, exposing his business connections is the key to revealing Joe Biden's connection to them all.

Cruz added, "It's not about the poor schlub who got caught. It's about the boss.

"It's about the big guy. It's about the Godfather, Joe Biden is the Godfather. He is the one who ultimately is profiting on this corruption.

"He is the one who is abusing official authority to further the criminal activity of his family members. And that's why this is an issue of public corruption."

I agree with the" “Godfather" analogy and have long stated that I think Biden was setting up his family members to set himself up after office.

I was also on the record very early on stating that I thought one of the contributing factors to Biden's running for office was killing the investigations into Hunter to protect the hidden family business.

Here is TedCruz's podcast on the subject…

The house of cards is finally in danger of collapsing. And when it does, the real Joe Biden and his corruption will finally be revealed.

Source: Fox News

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