May 2, 2024

SEC Actively Working to Prevent Any Form of Election Fraud in Upcoming Election Cycle

Ever since the 2020 election, election fraud has been brought top of mind for the presidential election.

The South Carolina Election Commission (SEC) announced that it has received a slew of inquiries on the matter.

The organization, in turn, assured voters that it is taking active measures to ensure everyone who votes has a right to vote in the state of South Carolina.

Cleaning It Up

Just as we did in 2020, we will have large numbers of absentee and early voting in states around the country.

Many of the measures put in play in the 2020 election due to COVID are still in play now, but South Carolina does not appear worried about widespread election fraud.

Howie Knapp, Executive Director of the SEC, stated, “The SEC will not allow fraudulent voter registration to happen on our watch.

“Should we receive or discover information that non-U.S. citizens are being registered to vote in our state, we will immediately report to our law enforcement partners for investigation and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

“The SEC will continue to be vigilant in following our state’s election laws to ensure elections in South Carolina are conducted with integrity.”

I have never quite understood why any fraud is acceptable, especially in a day and age where we have so much technology available that could eliminate it completely.

The catchphrase during the 2020 election was “no widespread voter fraud,” but we should have zero voter fraud.

And while I have never believed it is even possible to have enough voter fraud to swing a presidential election, we have seen plenty of instances in the past where local elections were manipulated with less than a dozen votes.

When you consider local governments are where people like George Soros have the biggest impact, we need to clean up our elections so there is ZERO fraud, period.

But, like most hot political topics, that will never happen because both sides of the aisle want to use this as a weapon during an election.

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