March 13, 2024

Robert Hur Testifies Before Congress to Explain Special Counsel Report

This week, Special Counsel Robert Hur was invited into the hot seat to sit before committee and explain his special counsel report.

The man was being attacked by both sides, but he held up rather well.

Democrats went after him for his comments about Biden, and Republicans went after him for not charging Biden.

Dual-front Attack

Hur’s report was pretty clear in that the only reason he did not charge Biden was because of how he would have presented to a jury.

Hur said Biden would be perceived as an elderly man with a poor memory, therefore, he believed it was likely a jury would find him innocent.

It was a clever way of saying that Biden was not mentally fit to stand trial.

The transcript also proved that Joe Biden was lying horribly about who brought up the death of his son Beau.

Not only that, but it also proved that Biden was confused about when his son passed, with the aide supplying Biden with the month and year of the death.

Hur also agreed with Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) that Biden gained financially from keeping the classified documents since he referred to information in those documents in his memoir.

The beauty of the hearing, however, was when Dems tried to say that Hur’s report exonerated Joe Biden.

Hur pushed back every time the word “exoneration” was used, adamant that his report did NOT exonerate Biden.

Hur was also asked if Biden were tried if a “reasonable juror” could convict Biden with the case as Hur presented, and Hur responded, “Correct.”

The White House went ballistic after the hearing, stating, “This is a very strange thing for the national media—and the Special Counsel—to fixate on… In America, you’re innocent until proven guilty. The ultimate conclusion here was that charges are NOT warranted and the case is CLOSED. In other words, the President was cleared.”

But Biden was not cleared, quite the opposite.

Biden was not charged for two reasons… you cannot prosecute a sitting president, and the way Biden presented himself, with the latter being more influential than the former.

The nail in the coffin for Biden on this was her addressing the issue of Biden “willfully” retaining the documents, which Biden said was not the case.

Democrats continue to try to compare this to Trump, showing pictures of where Trump had stored his records and such, but that is completely irrelevant to this case.

This was about the Biden investigation, not the Trump investigation, and Democrats were literally telling Hur that he should have cleaned up the language so it would not hurt Joe Biden.

It just goes to show how blatantly crooked and dishonest members of Congress are and how far they will go to protect one of their own.

It is yet more proof of how broken our political system has become.

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