G. McConway
January 29, 2024

Rick Scott Says GOP Senator on Suicide Mission

Just how far does Senator James Lankford (R-OK) want to push the bipartisan border legislation that is working its way through the Senate?

Trump has made immigration front and center in his presidential campaign, so many of his surrogates appear ready to block any immigration legislation that could help Biden.

Among those is Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), who is now claiming that Lankford is on a “suicide mission” to continue to push the border legislation.

What Is He Thinking?

From what I have seen, the border legislation is mostly fluff.

The center point of it all is adding powers to the president to enable the president to shut down certain entry points when they start to become overwhelmed by illegal immigrants.

Speaker Johnson (R-LA) has already come out to say that he would not support the legislation and Donald Trump has basically called it useless.

I have to admit, it does appear to be a lot of fluff and more of an excuse for GOP Senators to justify aid for Ukraine and Israel that they want to see passed.

However, House members from the GOP side of the aisle have been adamant that they will not pay for other countries to secure their borders if our border remains porous.

Even so, Lankford is pushing the bipartisan legislation, which led to Scott stating, “James is smart, he’s hard-working, he knows the issue. He’s on a suicide mission.

“Democrats don’t want to secure the border. That’s number one. Number two is, right now this border could be secure, but we know we have a lawless administration, completely lawless Biden administration.

“So the only way this is going to happen is if we have accountability that forces Biden to enforce the law. We could change all these laws.”

Scott is right here and we all know that Biden could fix the issue at the border simply by enforcing existing laws, not acting as though he has no power to shut down the illegal entries.

When Trump was in office, we were averaging about 60,000 illegal entries per month, a number that is now over 300,000 per month.

When Scott was asked if Trump has any influence on the stance Republicans are taking, he responded, “He’s irrelevant to this conversation. He’s not in office.”

I can tell you that is just a flat-out lie because we know Trump loyalists in Congress are doing what Trump wants them to do, and they have not even hidden that fact.

Scott is just trying to deflect from the negative coverage of this, with some anti-Trump Senators, such as Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT), stating that Trump is being selfish for trying to block the legislation.

If this were a real fix, I would tell you guys, but from what I have seen, this is not even so much as a band-aid on a gaping wound. It is cosmetic to try to hand Biden a political win, nothing more.

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