June 14, 2024

Republicans trying to force Biden to disclose medicine consumption before debates

It's an issue that the White House constantly ignores, but Republicans are insisting it is becoming a bigger and bigger issue.

Joe Biden's amphetamine use.

Some Republicans have become convinced that Joe Biden's natural state has declined so much that we never see him in it anymore.

There are theories floating around that Joe Biden gets pumped full of stimulants before public appearances, and is almost never shown without being under the influence of some sort of energizing medicine.

Tennessee Republican Andy Ogles is one of the conservatives who's had ENOUGH.

Joe Biden's disastrous policies have been killing Americans for years now, and Ogles wants to know what's behind those decisions.

If Joe Biden is taking drugs that impact his mood and thinking, then his terrible policies aren't just mistakes, it's way bigger than that. If amphetamines are the reason why Biden is able to make as many bad decisions as he does, then Joe Biden is committing a crime by continuing to take them!

"Joe Biden’s embarrassing outbursts of anger and incomprehensible speeches mirror the incalculable damage his policies have had on our nation," Ogles recently explained to Fox News.

"Frequently slurred speech, abnormally long pauses, and the inability to string together five words in a coherent sentence have put Biden’s mental and physical decline on full display," Ogles continued. "It is unfair to the American people for the White House to be occupied by someone who is literally incapable of speaking."

Despite all of Biden's decline, the White House has refused to say what Biden's condition is or what pills they are using to prop him up.

Ogles is NOT happy that the president's office doesn't feel like it has to answer to the rest of America.

"The president, whose office is the most powerful on earth, must be accountable to the people, and it's Congress's duty to ensure accountability," Ogles continued.

Andy Ogles added that an investigation would not be out of the ordinary, especially if it was just making sure that Joe Biden is still capable of keeping others safe.

Other president's tenures were marked by health/medicinal struggles as well, such as President John F. Kennedy and President Woodrow Wilson.

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