December 7, 2023

Republicans Block Ukraine Aid Over Stronger Border Protection

Joe Biden and Congress are not getting along very well right now.

The latest obstacle put in front of Biden is blocking the legislation to provide more military aid to Ukraine and Israel because Dems would not allow the legislation to go through solely for Israel and Ukraine.

Democrats tried to get cute and attach $14 billion in migration funding to the military aid package, which is why it was rejected.

Single Issue

One of the biggest issues Republicans and the American people have with budgetary legislation is that both sides tend to attach pet projects to legislation that would otherwise pass.

In this case, had the bill gone through as intended, with only aid for Ukraine and Israel, it would have passed easily.

Democrats, however, are playing off the idea that they can make Republicans look bad for blocking the legislation, only citing the military aid aspect of it while not being honest about the real reason the funding legislation was blocked, which is the money for migrant care.

To that point, after the legislation failed to pass the Senate. Majority Leader Schumer (D-N.Y.) stated, “Tonight is a sad night in the history of the Senate and in our country.

“If Republicans in the Senate do not get serious very soon about a national security package, Vladimir Putin is going to walk right through Ukraine and right through Europe … Western democracy will begin to enter an age of decline, if we aren’t willing to defend it.

“The question before us is simple: Will senators rise to defend Western democracy, protect our fundamental values, and support our friends abroad fighting for their lives?”

Joe Biden did the same when addressing the nation on the issue, but again, he failed to mention the migrant funding that Dems wanted to push through, figuring Republicans would not risk the aid to Israel that was also in the package.

As you are reading this, Democrats and liberals are blowing this up all over social media, only pointing to the aid for Ukraine rather than covering everything that is in the bill.

That, my friends, is what is called gaslighting.

If we are going to fund other wars, you better believe we need to secure our border as well... end of discussion.

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