April 25, 2024

Reporters Mocking Trump Attorney Caught on Hot Mic

Attorney Alina Habba appears to have been removed from the actual litigation process and now seems to be more of a Trump spokesperson than anything else.

She is now one of the “in” kids at Mar-a-Lago, which is likely why Trump has not fired her after she cost him more than $500 million in settlements.

To that point, when Habba recently addressed the media regarding the Alvin Bragg case, reporters could be heard laughing at her on a hot mic.

The Rant

Habba has started to regurgitate all of the key Trump talking points when she talks to the media.

For instance, she stated, “The fact that we have two courts, not one, criminal and civil, being used against one man because they cannot beat him in the polls, is a disgrace to American judicial system. He should not have two teams of lawyers here today.

“He should not even be here today because he did nothing wrong. It is the epitome of a witch hunt.”

She went off for about two minutes about how Democrats are using these cases because they cannot beat Trump in polling.

Habba closed out her rant, stating, “And now our taxpayer dollars, my time, our attorney’s fees are all here because they’re afraid of 2024. And you know what? They should be! because the American people are not stupid. They see what’s going on. Thank you.”

One of the reporters then asked her about the Trump family, which she ignored. Then you hear them saying something among themselves, then laughter as they are discussing her rant…

Habba has lost the respect of everyone due to her social media posts and her behavior at various parties around the Trump family.

For instance, just the other day, she posted a video on her social media account cutting up an avocado because she saw someone else do something similar, and it received thousands of likes and shares.

Is she a social media influencer or a high-profile attorney? Right now, it would seem more of the former instead of the latter.

At times, she seemed more like a groupie than an attorney, and the outcomes of her cases did not help her reputation.

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