G. McConway
August 9, 2023

REPORT: WH Cocaine Possibly Belonged to ‘Biden family orbit’

Well, my friends, I may have jumped the gun on the White House cocaine baggie being a big nothing burger.

Reports have been blowing up over the last few days that the cocaine found in the West Wing may belong to someone in the “Biden family orbit,” reports the New York Post.

The report also claims that Joe Biden knows exactly who this culprit is.

He Knows…

The initial report came via a claim by Soldier of Fortune publisher Susan Katz Keating.

SOF published a story on Sunday, with Keating citing three different security sources. There was even a number associated with Joe Biden to help “sniff out the culprit,” according to the NY Post report.

The report claims that while the Secret Service did close out the investigation without naming a culprit, Joe Biden was given an update on what they had found.

When the Post tried to verify the claim with the Secret Service, the agency vehemently denied every bit of the report.

Keating claimed one source told her, “If you want the name, ask Joe Biden. He knows who it is.”

A second source told her, “It was someone within the Biden family orbit, and it wasn’t Hunter.”

Secret Service spokesman Anthony Guglielmi, when contacted by the Post, said the claim made in the report “is false.”

He added, “The Secret Service does not know who transported the small bag of cocaine into the White House.

“Our investigation could not lead to a person of interest and there were no discernible fingerprints or DNA that could be recovered from the packaging.”

Guglielmi further stated, “Our source is the independent crime lab of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. This institution is not affiliated with the Secret Service, or the Department of Homeland Security. The FBI is nationally accredited in this area of forensic science and they conducted a very thorough analysis of the packaging.”

The cocaine was found one floor below the Oval Office and very near to the Situation Room, but it was accessible to the public during tours.

The drugs were found on Sunday, but all members of the First Family had left the White House on Friday evening.

If Keating’s report is accurate, there is no way the White House or Secret Service would go on the record to confirm it, so this will go down as one of the great conspiracy theories of the year, that is until a Secret Service agent retires and decides to write a tell-all book that will include this incident.

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