G. McConway
August 2, 2023

REPORT: Trump Fundraising Spiked After Indictments

It would appear, as I have stated several times, indictments are very good for Donald Trump's campaign.

Trump was struggling with fundraising before the first round of indictments were handed out.

Once that happened, the money started to flow to the tune of more than $53 million in the first half of the year, reports the Washington Examiner.

Make It Rain

The more the "machine" is out to get Trump, the more his supporters stand tall… that is the message that Republican strategist Stephen Lawson is putting out there.

He stated, "When our base feels like the leader of the party is being unfairly targeted, they're going to respond."

Not only are people donating more to Trump post-indictment, but Trump's polling numbers have also started to improve with every indictment.

Before Trump had been indicted, he and DeSantis were in a virtual tie for the nomination. Today. Trump has about two to three times as much support in most national polls.

Now, that is in a full field, so the margin narrows considerably when DeSantis and Trump are heads up, which is how this race will ultimately wind up.

The only problem there is that DeSantis needs that to happen sooner rather than later. The longer more people stay in this race, the more likely they are to gobble up delegates that DeSantis could otherwise win.

The latest RealClearPolitics average has Trump at 54 percent, which would give him the majority regardless. DeSantis is next up at 18.34 percent, and nobody else is above five percent.

If DeSantis wants to make this a race, he needs everyone out before South Carolina, so I think that will give us a much better idea of who is allied with Trump.

For instance, if Nikki Haley stays in through South Carolina, which she is likely to do, she will more or less hand this nomination over to Trump. It is the same way that Elizabeth Warren hurt Bernie Sanders in the 2020 race when Biden was on the ropes.

Even though Warren was clearly not going to get the nod, she stayed in the race for just a few extra days. The result of this was Biden rallying and Sanders was sent packing, again.

At the very least, DeSantis needs to be head-to-head with Trump by Super Tuesday, which is March 5.

Super Tuesday and the following week, March 12, have states which would favor DeSantis more so than Trump, so, the question is if DeSantis can remain alive in this race long enough to see if he can somehow pull out what would be an all-time upset considering Trump's current lead.

I know Trump is way ahead right now, but I would caution him against getting too cocky about this lead.

Once this field thins out, and it will thin out considerably before the first primary, everything changes.

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