G. McConway
October 5, 2022

REPORT: Putin Ready to Conduct Nuclear ‘Test’ Near Ukraine Frontier

Some very disturbing reports are beginning to surface out of Russia.

Russia’s massive nuclear submarine, the Belgorod, has reportedly left port.

This is interesting because Putin has been talking about nukes and the Belgorod is capable of launching the Poseidon.


The Poseidon has been dubbed the “weapon of the apocalypse.”

Putin is taking a beating in Ukraine right now, so much so that they are dragging people off the street to fight in this war.

Rumors are blowing up that Putin wants to “test” his nuke in very close proximity to Ukraine.

Putin has already threatened to use everything in his arsenal, so everyone is watching how this plays out.

What happens if Putin launches a nuke?

Well, NATO would undoubtedly respond, but would it be willing to send a nuke of its own?

I don’t see that happening because we are truly talking about the end of the world if they do.

I could see a massive strike ordered, which would obviously be the start of WWIII.

The question then becomes how desperate Putin gets and what his allies do to protect him.

Is it beyond him to start sending off all his nukes if Putin is about to get wiped out?

This is where we are with Joe Biden (or whoever) calling the shots in the White House.

We are literally on the brink of WWIII with nuclear destruction a real possibility, and nobody is really talking about it.

Believe me, I hope I am overstating things, but Putin is truly a wildcard right now and I doubt anyone reading this thinks it is beyond him to launch a nuke and start WWIII.

Source: New York Post

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