May 14, 2024

REPORT: National Outrage After Biden Allegedly Holding Back Hamas Intel from Israel

If recent reports are accurate, Joe Biden is playing a dangerous game of quid pro quo.

Two major publications have issued reports that Biden may have been holding back intelligence reports on Hamas to Israel.

The goal was to get Israel to crack to his demands in order to turn the intelligence over.

Is This Legal?

Biden already had a target on his back by the GOP for allegedly holding back military aid that had been approved by Congress.

If you recall, this is what, in part, led to one of the Trump impeachments, when he held back Ukraine aid.

Dems said it was to pressure Ukraine to back his Biden narrative, but the Trump administration said it was to ensure that corruption had been removed from Ukraine’s government.

Either way, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) said it was illegal to withhold any aid for policy after it had been approved by Congress.

Intelligence is a different deal, but some may say this is even more reprehensible when it could lead to the end of the war between Hamas and Israel.

Both the Times of Israel and Washington Post reported that “sensitive intelligence” on the whereabouts of Hamas leadership was being offered if Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not conduct a full offensive in Rafah.

The Biden administration, as expected, has denied this was taking place.

A National Security Council spokesperson stated, "[T]hat work continues on an ongoing basis. We're not holding anything back.

"We believe [Hamas chief Yahya] Sinwar should and indeed must be held accountable for the horrors of the October 7 attack."

Former Trump National Security Council official Victoria Coates blasted the administration over the report, stating, "It's unique and extremely sophisticated, and if one partner is not fulfilling their obligations, it calls the whole thing into question.

"So, if the administration has information on Hamas leadership, which… still holds eight Americans — five alive and three dead in Gaza — and isn't sharing that with the Israelis and hasn't shared it with the Israelis, this is deeply troubling."

The GOP will make the case that Biden is engaging in quid pro quo to help his election chances, as the administration has been taking a massive hit in polling among younger voters over this war.

Biden has also seen protest votes during the primary elections that, if the numbers hold true in the general election, could cost him at least one state where Dems usually come out on top.

To that exact point, Coates added, "That's what elected Biden in 2020 and staved off the red wave in 2022. So they know they need the 18-to-24 group. And what's been revealed over the last six months is that group is strongly pro-Palestinian, if not overtly pro-Hamas.

"And so I think that's actually the demographic they're pandering to."

To be clear, if Biden is holding back intelligence like this for the sake of taking down a battleground state, he should be removed from office right now.

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