G. McConway
December 27, 2023

REPORT: Former CIA Agents Claims Obama Shaped CIA to Boost His Agenda

When Trump came into office, it became quite clear to many that our government law enforcement and intelligence agencies seemed to have a political agenda.

For those that still did not believe, the letter written by former intelligence agency officials on behalf of Joe Biden, claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop appeared to be Russian disinformation, was the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back.

However, a former agent is now saying that the politicization of the CIA, at least, goes back decades.

It’s an Ongoing Problem

As is often the case, we don’t find out the truth about presidential administrations until decades later.

Sure… there are books written by officials after leaving, but they are usually written to sell books and not always the complete truth.

It is only after decades have passed and scholars can really examine these administrations that we learn the truth.

Former CIA Agent John Gentry may be a piece of that puzzle regarding numerous administrations dating back to the 1970s.

Gentry was in the CIA from 1978 to 1990, serving under CIA Robert Gates, who served as the Deputy Director of the CIA under Reagan and George H. W. Bush, National Security Adviser under George H. W. Bush, acting CIA Director under Reagan, and was appointed as the Director of the CIA under George H. W. Bush.

He would go on to become the Secretary of Defense for the George W. Bush administration. In a very rare exception, he was also retained by Barack Obama until 2011, serving both a Democrat and Republican.

We are now finding out a possible reason why that took place.

Gentry has a new book called, "Neutering the CIA: Why U.S. Intelligence Versus Trump Has Long-Term Consequences,” in which he claims it was Gates who started to skew reports to support political narratives.

He claims that officials appointed by Obama "made and institutionalized significant changes, largely by creating new structures, policies, and incentives designed to alter organizational cultures in ways congruent with Obama’s political agenda.”

Gentry further claimed that Obama was hiring activists in posts such as this, which "shifted leftward the collective, politically salient worldview of the intelligence bureaucracy,” adding that the CIA has become a "center of partisan political activity,” which is actually quite easy to believe considering the letter CIA officials signed off on for Biden.

He added, "While activists tried hard to keep observers’ focus on Trump and his exceptionalism, the preponderance of evidence points strongly to the continued existence of a politicized [intelligence community] that will cause problems for years to come — long after Trump has left the political scene.”

I have always contended there was a small rogue element in these government agencies with a leftward lean that were politicizing these offices, but it would appear that I dramatically underestimated just how big of a problem this was and remains today.

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