April 10, 2024

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Makes Up Bogus Fact About Moon

I love it when politicians talk about things of which they know nothing.

That brings us to the latest word salad issued by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX).

Lee recently told people at an event that the moon is mostly made of gasses, only it’s not.

Just a Fool

It amazes me how politicians make up their own facts without thinking we have the ability to check them on our own.

This is not just a Democrat problem, either, as I have seen politicians on both sides say things that I know to be utterly false, yet they believe that because they say it, it will suddenly become true and accepted by those who hear their words.

With Texas directly in the path of the solar eclipse this week, Jackson appeared at an event in Houston on Monday to observe the eclipse.

During her statement, she made the astute observation that it’s “almost impossible to go near the sun” because it has “mighty powerful heat.”

That is almost as brilliant as Kamala Harris's claim that women’s college basketball was not permitted to have brackets until just a few years ago (another complete falsehood).

Rep. Lee continued to embarrass herself, stating, “You need light and energy from the sun so that you have the energy of the moon at night and sometimes you’ve heard the word ‘full moon,’ that’s when you take the opportunity to come out and see that the full moon is that complete rounded circle, which is made up mostly of gasses.”

She later added, “That’s why the question is why and how quickly as humans we could live on the moon. Are the gasses such that we could do that?”

She was literally making up “facts” that she apparently did not think anyone would challenge…

It took me about five seconds to prove she is full of it. I simply went to the NASA website to see how it describes the makeup of the moon.

The website states, regarding the lunar core, “At the Moon’s center is a dense, metallic core. This core is largely composed of iron and some nickel. The Moon’s core is relatively small (about 20% of its diameter) compared to other terrestrial worlds (like Earth) with cores measuring closer to 50% of their diameters.”

It continues on to describe its mass and crust, stating, “Above the core are the mantle and crust. Differences in compositions between these layers tell a story of the Moon being largely, or even completely, composed of a great ocean of magma in its very early history.

“As the magma ocean began to cool, crystals formed within the magma. Chunks of denser mantle minerals, such as olivine and pyroxene, sank down to the bottom of the ocean. Lighter minerals crystallized and floated to the surface to form the Moon’s crust. The lunar mantle, with a thickness of roughly 1350 km, is far deeper than the crust, which has an average thickness of about 50 km.”

Do you know what is not even mentioned in that description? The word “gases,” as Rep. Jackson Lee claimed.

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