October 9, 2023

Ted Cruz: Only Way to Fix Border Mess is to Remove Joe Biden

The war between Israel and Hamas is taking up all the headlines, but we still have some domestic issues to settle.

At the top of that list is the border crisis, which is once again seeing record numbers crossing the border illegally.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has a solution, and I think it is something you will definitely approve of when you hear it.

Remove Joe

The solution is a rather simple one, only we need to wait about 15 months for it to happen.

Cruz says this entire situation can be alleviated by a new president, with the inference that it needs to be a Republican president.

Cruz stated, “South Texas is in an absolute state of crisis. The jails are overflowing, the hospitals are overflowing, and the schools are overflowing. And throughout Texas, we’re seeing the very real human consequences of Joe Biden and the Democrats’ open borders.”

We are again seeing staggering numbers cross the border. In fact, Eagle Pass had 4,000 migrants come over the border in a single day.

Cruz stated, “That is 14% of the entire population of the city coming in a single day.

“The comparable number to New York City would be 1,260,000 illegal immigrants crossing into New York City in a single day. If 110,000 is a crisis, what do you think over a million would be? That is happening throughout our southern border.”

To Cruz’s point, New York is whining about 110,000 over the course of a year, but Eagle Pass alone is seeing numbers close to that EVERY month.

Cruz continued, “What Joe Biden is doing has never happened in the history of our nation. He’s simply ignoring the law, he's defying the law brazenly.

“And as long as you have a president, as long as you have a chief executive who ignores the law, it doesn’t matter what laws are on the books.

“If you have a president that is willing to defy the law and you have a corrupt corporate media that is willing to cover for his illegal conduct, as long as this lawless administration remains in power, this crisis will continue, and I believe it will continue to get worse.”

He is dead on in his assessment.

Throughout the Trump presidency, all Democrats talked about was the rule of law.

Now that Biden is in office, they are selectively enforcing laws as well as tossing laws out so criminals can get back on the street faster.

We have a leftist eutopia in this country right now, moving this country closer and closer to a communist state with every passing day.

This is exactly why in 2024, we must win back the White House and take control of Congress. I am just not sure our “conservative” way of life can survive another four years with Biden and Democrats at the helm.

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