G. McConway
December 15, 2023

Prosecutor from Hunter Biden Case Leaves DOJ

According to whistleblowers, Delaware Assistant US Attorney Lesley Wolf was the prosecutor who interfered with their investigation into Hunter Biden.

As it turns out, Wolf is no longer with the DA's office.

She reportedly departed the Department of Justice just a few weeks ago, just prior to her testimony before Congress.

Very Fishy

The whistleblowers revealed that Wolf was involved in this investigation up to her neck.

She had warned investigators to stay away from certain areas and, more specifically, limited their scope into attaching Joe Biden to anything related to the investigation.

She was also hesitant about a search warrant being issued, even warning the investigators that even though had enough to justify it, she did not believe they would get the warrant approved for Joe Biden’s guest house, which is where Hunter Biden was staying at the time.

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) stated that Wolf had “deviated from standard investigative procedures.” He added, “When you get into Burisma, you get to the White House.”

Jordan had subpoenaed Wolf to testify before the House committee, writing to her, “Given your critical role you played in the investigation of Hunter Biden, you are uniquely situated to shed light on whether President Biden played any role in the Department’s investigation and whether he attempted, in any way, to directly or indirectly obstruct either that investigation or our investigation.”

One of the key items regarding Burisma that was not investigated was the alleged $10 million bribe from the owner of Burisma.

When references to Biden were added to the investigation, such as “big guy,” Wolf had them removed because she felt they were outside the “scope” of the investigation, whereas other special counsels expanded the scope as evidence led them to different areas, so this was clearly outside the norm.

According to the whistleblowers, Wolf was also communicating with Hunter’s attorneys, giving them a heads up regarding an interview in late 2020 that was supposed to take place with investigators, as well as letting them know the FBI had been given the tip regarding the $10 million bribe.

When Hunter Biden made his threatening texts to Chinese government officials, the whistleblowers stated they were not permitted to track Joe Biden’s location via cellphone geolocation to see if Joe was in the same room, as Hunter claimed in the text.

When Jordan got Wolf into the hot seat this week, he stated, "Miss Wolf refused to answer most of our questions.

"She refused to answer based on instructions she was given from the Justice Department.”

Democrats used her refusal to answer any questions as “proof” that Hunter and Joe Biden did nothing wrong.

Wolf had a prepared statement, but she expressed frustration that even though she had left the DOJ, she was frustrated that she could not answer some questions because she was still bound by DOJ policies.

She added, “At all times while serving as an AUSA, I acted consistently with the Justice Manual, DOJ policy directives, and my statutory/legal and ethical obligations.

“I followed the facts where they led, and made decisions in the best interests of the investigation. This includes, but is by no means limited to, policies and rules governing politically sensitive investigations, election year sensitivities, attorney search warrants, search warrant filter requirements, and professional conduct rules barring contact with represented parties.”

Wolf left the DOJ just a few weeks ago after having worked in the department for 16 years, conveniently, just prior to her having to testify before the House committee

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