April 22, 2024

Pro-Palestine Protesters Crippling Democrats

What happens when you coddle extremists in your party?

Well, Democrats are now getting a taste of what the GOP has been dealing with in recent years.

The loudest voices in the party are often the most extreme, and it is crippling Democrats in the 2024 election.

Terror Sympathizers

Joe Biden and Democrat leadership have coddled the Squad and its far-left members since they were first elected to office.

They did this at first, thinking they would probably get ousted after a term, but they somehow continued to win election after election, remaining in Congress.

Now we have the enemy within with the likes of Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Jayapal, Omar, and Tlaib in Congress.

They all support Palestine, whose leadership handed terrorists the Gaza Strip to rule.

They openly called Israel’s defense after the horrific attack by Hamas on October 7 as genocide, and that movement is not gaining serious momentum around the country.

So much so, college campuses are being overtaken by protesters and Democrat campaign events around the country are being interrupted.

That is exactly what just happened to Senator Bob Casey (D-PA), who now has to tread lightly so as not to upset the extremists in his party while at the same time trying to keep pro-Israel Democrats satisfied.

Casey was having a campaign event when a group of protesters showed up, megaphones in hand, to disrupt the event.

Casey responded to the protest, “We’re really fortunate to live in a country where the First Amendment is protected, where those protesters can say pretty much whatever they want about me.

“I think it’s critically important to put some facts on the table on the seventh of October of 2023. Hamas, which is a terrorist organization, invaded a sovereign country — Israel.

“And when they invaded the country, and they killed 1,200 innocent, innocent Israelis. Hamas’s role is to wipe out the Jewish people.”

This is going to continue to happen to Democrats, as these extremists continue to pressure Israel while not holding Hamas accountable for the atrocities it has committed and continues to commit.

In a year, honestly, where Democrats could crush the GOP in Congress, they just might wind up losing the White House, the Senate, and the House because of their unwillingness to call out these terrorist sympathizers.

They have honestly backed themselves into a corner, and I really don’t see any way out for them at this point.

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