Ann Turner
August 6, 2023

Pence heckled at event by Trump supporters

Mike Pence, the former Vice President, encountered unexpected criticism from supporters of his ex-boss, President Trump, during a New Hampshire campaign event.

Mike Pence's recent campaign stop in New Hampshire took an unforeseen turn.

The crowd, predominantly composed of President Trump's supporters, voiced their disapproval, catching many by surprise. This incident was initially highlighted by the New York Post.

Unanticipated dissent for Pence

Pence, who served loyally as Vice President under Trump, seemed unprepared for the crowd's reaction. The vocal disapproval was a stark reminder of the underlying tensions that existed between Trump and Pence, especially during the latter part of their tenure.

The event underscored Trump's lasting influence within the Republican party. Even though he's no longer in office, Trump's ideologies and sentiments continue to resonate with a significant portion of the party's base.

The New Hampshire event could be indicative of the challenges Pence might face in his political journey ahead. Garnering support from the core Republican base, which still holds Trump in high regard, might prove to be a hurdle.

Reflection of party divisions

The vocal criticism from Trump's followers is a testament to the deep-seated divisions within the Republican party. It raises questions about the party's future direction and its ability to present a united front in upcoming elections.

Such incidents emphasize the need for the Republican party to address its internal differences. With Trump leading the charge but facing uncertainty, there isn't a clear option if Pence and or Trump were not able to be the front-runners.

Reconciliation and a clear direction are essential for the party to move forward and regain its footing on the national stage.

What it means for 2024

The recent incident in New Hampshire, where Mike Pence faced criticism from supporters of President Trump, underscores the enduring influence and popularity of Trump within significant sections of the Republican base. This event can be interpreted as good news for Trump if he decides to run in the 2024 presidential elections. Trump, despite his challenges, appears to still maintain firm control over his base.

The heckler's willingness to openly express dissatisfaction with Pence suggests they still view Trump as the party's true leader. This unwavering support could provide Trump with a solid foundation of voters, crucial for any potential 2024 campaign.

The incident highlights the divisions within the Republican party, with a clear faction still aligned with Trump's ideologies. If Trump can harness this division, he might position himself as the unifying figure needed to consolidate the party


The unexpected turn of events at the New Hampshire campaign stop serves as a reminder of the challenges and divisions within the Republican party. As Pence navigates his political future:

  • He may need to address the concerns of Trump's loyalists.
  • The Republican party must work towards bridging its internal divides.
  • Trump's influence, though he's not in office, remains a significant factor in party dynamics.

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