July 1, 2024

Pelosi Claims Trump the One with Dementia

The biggest weapon in the Democrat toolbox these days is deflection.

When they are doing something or are guilty of something they immediately accuse Republicans of the same.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is now doing that regarding the dementia claims against Joe Biden.

Not Joe, Trump

This argument is getting childish, to be honest.

Everyone who watched that debate could clearly see that Joe Biden is not 100 percent.

This is no fault of his own… he is just old and this happens to people when they get old.

The fault lies with the Democrat Party and Jill Biden for continuing to push forward even though Joe is just an empty vessel at this point.

After the debate was over, the calls were very loud for Joe Biden to step aside and let someone else run against Trump, but Nancy Pelosi was not one of them.

When she was asked by CNN if Biden should step aside because of the clear mental deterioration, Pelosi decided to try to flip the script.

She stated, “I want you to know I came home to California, south and north, and people are for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“They have some judgment about a person who said, stood on that stage and lied, lied, lied, if you’re just talking about the debate. I am respectful of some of the opinions that people have, but it is also respectful of the grassroots.

“My people are very much Biden and Kamala Harris and this is an opportunity for Joe Biden to go out there and show he has the stamina.

“By the way, the press and for some reason they don’t, there are healthcare professionals who think that Trump has dementia. That his connection of his thoughts does not go together.

“It’s not only that he just lies. He doesn’t even know the truth. So, if we’re talking about mental acuity, let’s be fair about it. I don’t think Tom Friedman thinks that Donald Trump should be president of the United States.”

That is comical because I have not seen a single report from any doctor who is not in the pocket of Democrats who believe Trump is suffering from dementia.

But this is what Democrats do… they deflect, they look to try to apply the narrative hurting them to the other side.

I am hoping they are not able to convince Biden to step down because I firmly believe that if Biden stays on that ticket, Dems are going to get demolished in November.

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