June 1, 2024

Ohio Senate votes to allow Biden on state's 2024 ballot

There was a time when it was a serious possibility that Joe Biden would be kept off the state's presidential election ballot in Ohio, but not anymore.

Twenty-three Ohio Senate Republicans crossed the aisle and sided with Democrats, reaching an agreement to allow Joe Biden to be eligible for November's general election ballot.

Especially with everything that Donald Trump is unfairly facing right now, it appeared as though many Republicans would be willing to play hardball against Joe Biden.

As a result, liberals in the state had to make some concessions to get the bill signed, such as including a few things that would benefit Republicans in the bill.

The bill was passed by the state's House of Representatives on May 30, followed by the Senate allowing it through the following day.

Now, the bill is on the desk of Gov. Mike DeWine, awaiting his signature.

DeWine, a Republican, had called the legislature to a special session this week to make sure that they were able to work out the problems.

The original problem was that Ohio's ballot certification deadline fell prior to the Democratic Party's nominating convention, where they are expected to officially announce their nomination of Joe Biden for a second term.

Assuming DeWine signs the bill without further controversy, Ohio's ballot certification deadline will be moved to August 23, which is after the Democratic Party's nominating convention that begins on August 19.

Clearly, Democrats intended for Joe Biden to be the man who represented them in Ohio all along.

Do you agree with this commonsense approach or do you think liberals should have been held to all of the technicalities that could have prevented Joe from being on the ballot in the state?

In the case of Donald Trump, liberals have DEFINITELY not given him the benefit of the doubt.

Would you have liked to see more of an eye-for-an-eye approach from Ohio's Republicans, or should Joe be allowed on the ballot?

Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment in the discussion section below!

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