Ann Turner
August 5, 2023

Obama’s biographer opens up in explosive interview

David Garrow, acclaimed biographer of former President Barack Obama, has recently shared some startling insights in an interview, leading to a flurry of discussions and debates.

Garrow, who penned the comprehensive 2017 biography Rising Star: The Making of Barack Obama, sat down with Tablet for a conversation that has since made waves across social media.

The complete interview is available on Fox News.

Challenging Obama's personal story

One of the most striking aspects of Garrow's interview is his assertion that Obama's first memoir, Dreams from My Father, is more fiction than fact.

He also drew a parallel between Obama and his political adversary, former President Donald Trump, suggesting that both share a similar level of insecurity.

These claims have stirred up a storm on social media, with many expressing disbelief and shock. Garrow's biography, which previously received a mixed review from the New York Times, aimed to dismantle the narrative that Obama himself had crafted.

Scrutinizing Obama's past relationships

Garrow delved into Obama's past relationships, particularly highlighting his relationship with Sheila Miyoshi Jager, his girlfriend from the 1980s. Garrow's account of their breakup, which he attributes to Obama's unwillingness to condemn antisemitism, starkly contrasts with Obama's own version in his book.

Garrow also shed light on Obama's relationship with Alex McNear during his time at Occidental College. He revealed that Obama had written letters to McNear in which he discussed his fantasies about being intimate with men.

Garrow expressed skepticism about Obama's commitment to strengthening the Democratic Party as an institution. He suggested that Obama's primary motivation was to feel and be perceived as victorious, drawing a parallel between Obama's insecurity and that of Trump.

Debating Obama's potential role in the Supreme Court

Garrow was dismissive when asked about the possibility of Obama being appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court. He stated that Obama would be unsuitable for the role due to his laziness, which he attributed to Obama's Hawaiian upbringing.

Garrow also touched upon the Obamas' connections with celebrities, which he found perplexing.

He suggested that the Obamas' desire to socialize with celebrities was inconsistent with their personalities and values prior to 2000.

Despite the controversy surrounding his comments, Garrow's interview has garnered significant attention. The impact of these revelations on perceptions of Obama's legacy, however, remains to be seen.

Dark Clouds Gather Over the Obamas

The startling revelations from Garrow's interview have emerged at a time of deepening crisis for the Obama family. They are already ensnared in a web of mystery surrounding the sudden and inexplicable death of their household chef, who met a tragic end in a suspicious drowning incident.

The chef, who was more than just a culinary maestro but also a close family confidant, was found lifeless while paddleboarding. This incident has cast a long and ominous shadow over the Obamas, who are seemingly struggling to come to terms with this devastating blow. However, the circumstances of the chef's death remain shrouded in mystery, raising questions about what really happened.

The ill-timed release of Garrow's interview, brimming with contentious allegations about the former president, adds fuel to the fire of suspicion. The Obamas, still in the throes of mourning, now find themselves under the harsh spotlight of a media frenzy, their every move scrutinized, and their motives questioned.

The toxic mix of personal tragedy and public controversy is undoubtedly a severe test of their mettle. But the Obamas, known for their ability to weather storms, are now facing a tempest of unprecedented proportions. As they grieve their friend and grapple with the fallout from Garrow's interview, the public's trust in them seems to be eroding. The truth, it seems, is yet to be revealed.


  • David Garrow, the biographer of Barack Obama, has made several controversial claims in a recent interview.
  • He suggests that Obama's first memoir was largely fictionalized and that Obama shares a similar level of insecurity with Donald Trump.
  • Garrow also delved into Obama's past relationships and questioned his commitment to the Democratic Party.
  • He was dismissive of the possibility of Obama being appointed to the Supreme Court and found the Obamas' connections with celebrities perplexing.

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