G. McConway
November 4, 2022

Obama Heckled During Rally by TPUSA Reporter

On Wednesday, Barack Obama was in Arizona trying to boost Katie Hobbs in her race against Kari Lake.

Turning Point USA reporter Drew Hernandez decided to show up and have a little fun with the former president.

Not sure if Obama was aware of Hobbs’ racist background, he was more than happy to inform the crowd.

He not only got Obama’s attention, but he also got the attention of security and was forcibly escorted out of the rally.

She’s a Racist

Hobbs being a racist is not even up for debate.

Believe me, if she was a Republican, Obama would be screaming from the highest of mountains that she should not even be eligible for office.

She is a Democrat, though, so they all look the other way.

As Obama started to hammer Republicans for the economy, Hernandez called out Obama and interrupted the rally.

Obama tried to play it off, but he had no answer for backing a blatant racist.

Eventually, security moved in, but Hernandez did not stop talking…

After the video blew up online, Kari Lake chimed in on the racist history of Hobbs…

In one of the cases, a Talonya Adams, a staffer for Hobbs, found out she was being paid significantly less than her male and white counterparts.

She had already had an approved family leave submitted when she asked for a raise, but she was terminated while on leave.

Adams then sued Hobbs and the Arizona Senate on the basis that she was terminated for pointing out the biased pay scale.

She was awarded $2.75 million in damages.

Lake added, “I don’t like to divide people by race and class and sex and all of that, but let’s just have some parity and equality, and if you’re working a long, full day doing the same job as somebody else, you should be paid the same.

“That is a huge disparity in what she was paying a woman of color versus a man.

“There’s no other explanation besides racism, and two juries unanimously decided that.

“This is the party, the Democrats, who’ve been calling Republicans racist for years, and they truly are the party of racism.

“They’re the party that started the KKK; they’re the party that opposed the civil rights movement.

“They are truly the party of racism in America, and they’ve tried to change history and confuse our young people.

“The fact of the matter is the Democrats are the party of racists.”

So, Barack, how about you answer that question and let us know why you are supporting a racist?

Source: Breitbart

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