G. McConway
December 30, 2022

NYC Fuming Over Federal Aid for Migrants

The city of New York and Mayor Eric Adams asked Joe Biden for $1 billion to help deal with the additional migrants that have been sent his way via Texas.

So far, Abbott has sent 4,900 migrants to New York.

That does not count the migrants that were sent via the deal Adams had worked out with the mayor of El Paso.

New York City has been slated to receive about $8 million in aid, so needless to say, Adams is not happy.

Adams Dug a Hole

All told, it is estimated that NYC has about 34,000 migrants, all of which the media is blaming on Abbott.

That, as explained above, is not the case.

Adams probably made that initial deal thinking he would get a windfall for his city.

Even with the additional migrants, he still has taken less than Texas sees in a full week.

In addition to the $8 million from the new allocation, FEMA has also given NYC $75 million from the Emergency Food and Shelter program in 2022.

Adams recently stated, "hundreds of millions in additional federal funding to support asylum seekers," adding that "with over 800 people arriving in the past four days alone, it's clear that we still need a comprehensive strategy at our border and additional resources.

"We cannot be put in a position where we have to choose between services for New Yorkers and supporting arriving asylum seekers."

Again, I cannot help but laugh when he talks about taking in 800 when El Paso sees about 1,500 per day.

Let's also not forget that in the midst of this "crisis," Adams pulled a Biden and went on vacation for a few days.

If people have sympathy for NYC and DC, where is the sympathy and outrage over what is happening here in Texas?

Go check out some videos to see what El Paso looks like right now.

It is literally one massive homeless camp due to Biden's utterly ridiculous policies, yet people are more upset about NYC and DC than they are about the city where the problem is a reality every single day and has been for two years.

Source: Newsmax

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