G. McConway
July 21, 2023

POLL: Ramaswamy Now in a Tie

I have to admit when I first saw this poll, it took me by surprise, then I saw who conducted the poll.

The latest Kaplan Strategies poll now has DeSantis and Ramaswamy in a tie for the 2024 nomination at 12 percent, both trailing Trump.

Trump leads the poll at 48 percent.

Believe It Or Not

This poll, at least to me, is like a Ripley’s episode.

Pollster Doug Kaplan stated, “Ramaswamy outperformed six other hopefuls by more than double, marking a significant surprise in this poll,” reported the Washington Examiner.

The survey was done with 800 Republican voters and has a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

First, there is simply no way on earth that Ramaswamy has a nationwide appeal of 12 percent and is tied with DeSantis in the race, regardless of how bad a start DeSantis got off to or his struggles.

There is not a poll in existence, other than this complete fiasco, that has Ramaswamy anywhere near DeSantis, let alone tie with him.

There is this secret little underground movement among some conservatives to get this guy on the ticket, but it will never happen.

I have stated this before, but I will say it again… Ramaswamy is a snake oil salesman, and I am baffled at how people are falling for this clown’s act, and that would include the recent straw poll at the Turning Point even last week.

In that poll, when asked who the second choice would be behind Trump, the overwhelming second choice was Ramaswamy.

He has apparently endeared himself to the MAGA crowd, more than likely because Trump has not targeted him and he has, thus far, avoided criticizing Trump. He also happens to be quite good at grabbing the biggest talking points of the moment and regurgitating them whether he believes them or not. He is a con artist, not a possible president, in my opinion.

This man is a fraud, so support him at your own risk, but there is simply no way I will ever throw my support behind him.

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