November 13, 2023

Nikki Haley Goes into Attack Mode Against Trump

For most of the last month, Nikki Haley has been concentrating on Governor Ron DeSantis.

While enjoying an impressive surge in polling, she has attacked him on all fronts.

Now that she is clearly among the top three, she is going after the top dog… Donald Trump.

Surprise Attack

Haley and Trump were allies up until recently. Even after she announced that she was going to run, Trump just brushed her off knowing at the time that DeSantis was the only real threat to him.

That has changed during this campaign as Haley came from the bottom up, now even a threat to derail DeSantis in second place.

Haley is now putting Trump in her sights in a very passive-aggressive way.

She stated, “I think certainly Trump has some strong support. I’ve always said he was the right president at the right time and I agree with a lot of his policies.

“The problem is, drama and chaos follow him, whether fairly or not, it is constantly following him and Americans feel it.”

It is what I have called Trump Fatigue… this would be characterized by MAGA supporters who are not necessarily diehard supporters of Donald Trump, but very much believe in that agenda.

If Trump wins the nomination, the general election is going to be a nailbiter in terms of battleground states.

An electoral landslide could happen, but it does not mean the election would not have the eventual winner sweating it out.

I have always stated that I believed any of our top candidates would destroy Joe Biden in a general election, whereas the sheer hatred for Donald Trump by people in this country will keep the election tight if he is the nominee, and that was the point that Haley was making.

The former UN Ambassador during the Trump administration stated, “You [should] send someone in there that doesn’t just beat Biden by two or three points like Trump does. You get somebody that beats Biden between nine and 13 points.

“I think people are getting tired of the drama and the chaos and the negativity.”

Trump loses half his support if he gets convicted of a felony, and since he is facing more than 90 federal charges in four different cases, the likelihood of that happening is pretty high, especially when you consider the judge and jury pool.

Now, that does not mean that he won’t win those cases on appeal, but by then, the election could be over and the damage done.

Having said all that, I still believe the only way Trump loses this race is if he is heads up against DeSantis and Haley on a combined ticket, or possibly DeSantis and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds, but I think Haley would have a much bigger impact.

Even though she is surging, she is still a distant third behind DeSantis, so she will have to be the one to drop out, and I am just not sure she is willing to do that right now.

We will soon find out if her campaign is about hubris or really giving voters an alternative to Trump.

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