G. McConway
December 29, 2023

Newsweek: Joe Biden Has Blood on His Hands

There is a very interesting opinion piece in Newsweek that breaks down just how much blood Joe Biden has on his hands regarding the debacle that has become the war between Ukraine and Russia.

This was coupled with another report on Politico that stated the Biden administration is now quietly shifting its position toward a diplomatic solution to end the war.

Regardless, I think we can all agree this will go down as one of the greatest foreign policy failures of this administration.

Does Joe Biden Have Blood on His Hands?

Joe Biden decided to play chicken with Congress for aid for Israel and Ukraine, and he lost.

Congress went on recess and by the time they come back and decide to do some work again, Ukraine will be on the clock for how much longer it has before its bullets are gone.

Since the war started, Biden has stated that he would support Ukraine until it defeated Russia, but the language from the White House is now changing, with a spokesperson recently stating, “That’s been our theory of the case throughout — the only way this war ends ultimately is through negotiation.”

That statement is an outright lie and all you need to do is look at statements by Biden in the past to see it is a lie.

That brings us to the piece written by Rebekah Koffler, a former DIA intelligence officer, who charges Biden for the blood that has been spilled by Ukrainians in this war.

She wrote, “Biden as vice president was the Obama administration's go-to person on Ukraine policy and the architect of the Russia ‘reset’ strategy to promote friendship between the two nations. Unfortunately, he ignored intelligence about the threat posed by Russia.”

Koffler is considered an expert not only on Russia, but on Putin himself, who actually briefed Obama on Putin’s plans as a senior official in the Defense Intelligence Agency.

She argues that even though her assessments showed that Putin would resist Ukraine becoming a member of NATO, Biden continued to push that narrative, more so after he became president, directly resulting in the Russian attack against Ukraine that started this war.

She also maintains that Biden knows that there is no way Ukraine can defeat Russia without a massive amount of arms from the United States, which would result in a nuclear strike by Russia against the United States, who he would hold responsible, which is why she believes Biden has piecemeal fed Ukraine weaponry.

Her piece is incredibly well-written with insights into the mind of Putin you will probably not find anywhere else, ultimately calling on Congress to stop Biden because if not, “the slaughter of Ukrainians will continue through 2024 and beyond.”

To read her full report, click here.

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