G. McConway
May 9, 2023

George Stephanopoulos: New Poll ‘Brutal’ for Joe Biden

The media may still love Joe Biden, but the American people, including most Democrats, are finally waking up to his charade.

A new ABC News poll came out this week and even George Stephanopoulos had to admit the numbers were very bad for Joe, reports Axios.

They were so bad, in fact, Donald Trump, who has a truckload of legal problems hanging over his head, is now dominating Biden in polls.

Not Good

Let me put it this way, even Stephanopoulos could not hold back how just how brutal these numbers were for Joe Biden.

A whopping 63 percent do not think that Joe Biden should be running for re-election. He only has the support of 32 percent, with just five percent undecided. The same poll conducted last year had Biden at 54 percent not wanting him to run, so he is clearly going the wrong way.

Biden's approval rating was at its worst, coming in at only 36 percent, with 56 percent disapproving of his presidency.

As yet another smack in the face, 54 percent of Americans stated that Trump did a better job on the economy, with only 36 percent believing that Biden is doing a better job.

In a 2024 mock election, Trump beats Biden in the popular vote by seven percent, which is huge for Trump. That would equate to a runaway train for the electoral vote, so the days of thinking that Trump cannot beat Biden are starting to fade rather quickly.

The worst number in all of this is how much support Biden has lost among black voters, now only polling at 35 points above water, which is about half of where a Democrat needs to be to win office.

ABC's political director Rick Klein stated, "You're seeing real weaknesses in the coalition that powered Joe Biden to the presidency in 2020," reports Fox News.

He continued, "This race is shaping up [to be] a lot more about the incumbent president Joe Biden than it is about any of his challengers."

Here is the segment breaking it all down…

Now, there is still a lot of time, but this snapshot for Biden is not good, especially when you consider how many legal problems Donald Trump has right now.

Yet, Democrats, for the most part, and getting in line behind Biden, ready to roll the dice and see what happens.

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