G. McConway
January 24, 2023

New FBI Search Uncovers More Classified Documents at Biden Home

It turns out, our buddy Joe Biden is a hoarder.

Some of us collect sports cards or memorabilia. Others collect historical items.

Joe Biden likes to hoard classified documents.

The Search

Before I get into this, I need to say this again… once the special counsel was named, Biden's people should have been removed from the scene and the FBI called in to do a search.

That, however, did not happen. Biden was able to negotiate with his buddy Merrick Garland to have his attorneys do the search.

Well, Biden's people gave the place the place a good tossing several times over, but they apparently still missed a few things.

Garland was kind enough to ask Joe if he minded if the FBI search team went in to give the place another check, and Joe agreed, and guess what they found… more documents.

Joseph D. Fitzpatrick, an assistant U.S. attorney to U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois John Lausch, confirmed the search, stating, "On Jan. 20, 2023, the FBI executed a planned, consensual search of the President's residence in Wilmington, Delaware."

The FBI was on location for about 12 hours finding a fourth batch of classified materials. Maybe this set was in a basket by the toilet for some relaxing reading while one relieved himself, who knows.

Biden's lawyer Bob Bauer continues to press the narrative that since Joe Biden cooperated with authorities, all of this is okay, If only Aldrich Ames had taken that same approach maybe he would not have been given a life sentence without the possibility of parole, but I digress.

Bauer stated, "At the outset of this matter, the president directed his personal attorneys to fully cooperate with the Department of Justice.

"Accordingly, having previously identified and reported to DOJ a small number of documents with classification markings at the President's Wilmington home.

"In the interest of moving the process forward as expeditiously as possible, we offered to provide prompt access to his home to allow DOJ to conduct a search of the entire premises for potential vice-presidential records and potential classified material."

So, I have two questions at this point…

First, when is the beach home going to be searched?

Second, can we now officially dismiss the idea that Biden had no idea these documents were taken and what they contain?

Additionally, I would like to know when we are going to be told the exact location of each batch as well as a general idea of what the documents contained information on.

Since I am at it, when can we see the Archives' director's head on a platter for not realizing all of these classified documents were missing?

It would seem that the operation is a little loose over there.

Source: Fox News

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