June 19, 2024

Netanyahu Speaks Out About US Withholding Military Supplies

This administration loves to pretend that it stands behind Israel at all costs.

That, as we have found out recently, is far from the truth.

In fact, Prime Minister Netanyahu just openly called out the United States, Secretary Blinken, and Joe Biden on this front.

Give Us the Tools

Last month, the Biden administration admitted that it had been holding back supplies from Israel to push a cease-fire and aid for Gaza.

This was devastating for Israel, as it was forced to bring its assaults to a grinding halt.

Netanyahu wanted to push forward into Rafah, but the Biden administration did not want to see an extended offensive, so the aid was held up, which is illegal, by the way, since it has been approved by Congress.

The Biden administration started to try to cover this up, talking about bottlenecks and other issues that were preventing the aid, but we all know what this really was.

It was Biden putting his thumb on the scale to get that ceasefire, which is being pressured by the far left in the party.

So, Netanyahu released a video to call out Biden and Secretary Blinken so the whole world would know they still have their boot on his throat…

Israel is now fighting off a real threat from Hezbollah, which is far more dangerous and organized than Hamas.

And you better believe the attacks by Hezbollah are a direct result of Iran seeing the pause in supplies and hesitancy by the United States to help Israel destroy Hamas.

Terrorists pounce on weakness, and right now, the delay by the United States has made Israel look weak, so the Iranian-backed terror group is jumping at the opportunity to strike while the iron is hot.

To make matters worse, Netanyahu was invited to speak before a joint session of Congress, and numerous Democrats have boycotted the speech on the premise that Netanyahu is a war criminal.

It is as though they expect Israel to be able to conduct a war against terrorists that hide among civilians with no casualties, which is utterly ridiculous.

Israel, thus far, has managed a ratio of roughly 2:1 for civilian to fighter deaths, which is historically low, but it still is not enough to pacify Democrats.

Perhaps Democrats need a history lesson about the ratios in our wars to see just how responsible Israel has been in terms of protecting a community that despises it.

Give Netanyahu the tools and allow him to finish the job… now.

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