March 18, 2024

Netanyahu Pushes Back Against Schumer Election Comments

Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu was not very happy about the recent comments made by Senator Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.).

For all the comments Democrats have made about Russian interference, Schumer blatantly called for the removal of Netanyahu from power.

Schumer, among other comments, called Netanyahu “an obstacle to peace,” and the Israeli PM finally responded.

You Are Clueless

Netanyahu appeared on CNN this weekend to comment on Schumer.

CNN’s Dana Bash asked him, “Let’s talk about what happened here in the us this week. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer gave a pivotal speech and said you have lost your way and called you an obstacle to peace. Take a listen.”

She then played Schumer’s Senate floor speech, where he stated, “The Netanyahu coalition no longer fits the needs of Israel after October 7. Now I believe that holding a new election, once the war starts to wind down, would give Israelis an opportunity to express their vision for the post-war future.”

Bash then asked Netanyahu to respond to the comments made by the “highest-ranking Jewish elected official” in our country.

Netanyahu responded, “I think what you said is totally inappropriate. It’s inappropriate for to go to a sister democracy and try to replace the elected leadership there.

“That’s something that Israel, the Israeli public does on its own. We’re not a banana republic. I think the only government that we should be working on and to bring down now is the tourist tyranny in Gaza, the Hamas tyranny that murdered over 1,000 Israelis, including some dozens of Americans.

“And is holding Americans and Israelis hostage, that’s what we should be focused on. As far as what Senator Schumer said the majority of Israelis support our government. 82% of Americans support Israel instead of Hamas.”

If I were Netanyahu, I would be livid right now, as it is simply unforgivable for someone in Schumer’s position to call for an elected official of our largest and most important ally in the Middle East to be removed.

How is that any different from what Democrats whine about every day regarding Russia and Donald Trump?

Add in the fact that Joe Biden stated that he was in support of Schumer’s speech, and we have a real problem in terms of our relationship with Israel.

I have always stated that the Democrat Party despises Israel and Netanyahu specifically, completely going against the will of We the People, yet they no longer even hide it.

Schumer’s comments are despicable, as are the comments of Biden and anyone else who supported the New York Democrat after his unforgivable speech.

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