November 21, 2023

NBC News Cuts Ties with Controversial Journalist Arrested by Israel

How anyone can side with Hamas after seeing the atrocities committed is beyond me.

This is the embodiment of evil, yet, we even have people who live in this country promoting Hamas.

Israel is facing the same thing, with a contributing journalist for NBC News making pro-Hamas posts.

She’s Done

Mirvat al-Azzeh, who lives in East Jerusalem, was taken into custody on Thursday by Israeli authorities for her posts on social media applauding Hamas.

While it is unclear exactly what she wrote in the posts, we do know the posts were made about the October 7 attack by Hamas against Israel.

The Jerusalem Post reported that they were “inciting and glorying the horrible acts committed against civilians.”

Since the reporting of her arrest, NBC News has decided to cut ties with al-Azzeh.

The outlet stated, “Before we recently retained Marwat Azza for services as a freelance producer, we were not aware of her personal social media activity that provided the basis for the Israeli investigation.

“We understand the material under investigation is not related to any services she provided to NBC News.”

NBC News reportedly hired al-Azzeh on October 21, so I am trying to figure out how or why they did not vet her social media accounts before agreeing to take her on.

Or, perhaps they did, and a pro-Hamas reporter was providing them with the perspective they wanted.

Her attorney stated, “The woman in question is an ordinary woman, who works as a journalist and whose work is important to us all.

“She was asked during her investigation about her employment. I believe she admitted to all the deeds described to her, and cooperated fully with the investigation. She did not attempt to conceal the offenses or claim that her accounts had been hacked. Even when she didn’t have a mobile phone, which is the main tool involved, she still said, ‘Yes, those are my posts.'”

This is not a one-off in the mainstream media, either.

For instance, the New York Times just added Soliman Hijjy to its staff to report on the war. Hijjy has a Facebook post praising Hitler on his timeline.

That brings me back to my earlier point that I simply do not believe NBC News was not aware of the posts. It seems virtually impossible to me that the with resources these outlets have, they could not have seen that on her social media profile.

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