G. McConway
January 3, 2023

Musk Calls Out Media and Corporate Journalism

Elon Musk continues to set the world on fire every time he sends out a tweet.

Musk has been very tough on the mainstream media for continuing to defend this administration for its censorship efforts.

Now Musk is calling them all out.

Twitter File Fallout

Most media outlets are treating the Twitter files the same way they did the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Rather than report it truthfully, they continue to ignore it hoping it will all just go away.

Musk slammed the media, stating, "Why is corporate journalism rushing to defend the state instead of the people?"

He wrote that in response to a recent Substack post that was headlined, "In Response to the Twitter Files, Establishment Media Rushes to Defend the FBI."

Most of the mainstream media has been piling on Musk since taking over Twitter, which has coincided with a big dip in Tesla's stock price.

For instance, CNBC recently did a piece on how Musk's reputation is now in danger, and Musk responded in kind…

We should also be clear that Twitter had been working with the Trump administration to monitor COVID content. Not that I am defending that program, but it went on steroids once Biden assumed office.

Trump's efforts were more about stopping misinformation that was leading to people rushing out to stores and panic buying. Biden's efforts were more about shutting down anything that did not agree with the government narrative.

Regardless, I do not think the government should be dictating to platforms regarding content manipulation because we have all seen what happens when Uncle Sam gets one foot in the door.

Give them an inch, they try to take a foot. Give them a rope, they think they are a cowboy.

At some point, I would fully expect the government to redefine exactly what free speech encompasses in this country because, clearly, our definition and the government's do not mesh.

Source: Fox News

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