CJR Staff
May 30, 2023

Biden Blamed For Young Boy Found In Garbage

Mexican migrant Lucia Garcia is facing several charges after she allegedly threw her newborn baby boy into a garbage can, Breitbart reported. The 21-year-old came to the U.S. from Mexico ten months ago to make an asylum claim.

President Joe Biden has been charged with allowing illegal immigrants to flood into the U.S. faster than they can be processed. In the meantime, situations like this are bound to arise for these desperate and untracked newcomers.

The ordeal began when Garcia's father took the young woman to Staten Island University Hospital after she complained of being unwell. She denied being pregnant but went into a restroom and came out covered in blood.

Staff initially assumed Garcia was hemorrhaging and sent a crew to clean up the bathroom. However, a custodian heard the baby boy crying in the trash and immediately brought him out for care.

The newborn was sent to NYU Langone and will remain in the custody of the city's Administration for Children’s Services, the New York Post reported. Garcia is facing charges of two counts of assault, two counts of reckless endangerment, and one count of acting in a manner injurious to a child.

The migrant mom maintains that she had no idea she was pregnant and didn't realize it was her baby that she threw in the trash. "I thought it was just blood," Garcia told the news outlet in Spanish.

"I didn’t know I put my baby in the trash until the nurse told me later," she claimed. She was promptly arrested by an officer already on the scene at the hospital.

"I was in handcuffs in my bed at the hospital," Garcia said of the May 20 incident. She also complained that a police officer was stationed in her room there.

Garcia was arraigned in her hospital bed on May 22 and will make her appearance in court on June 16. Despite the circumstances of his birth, the young mother claims she still wants her son.

"I don’t know when I’m going to get him back. I want him back," Garcia said.

"I want to take care of him. I just want my baby back," she said.

The baby's father also reportedly lives in Manhattan, but Garcia said she hasn't told him yet because the police took her phone away. "How am I going to tell him when I don’t have any way to contact him?” she lamented.

The couple met on Facebook, and the baby's father came a few times to the room Garcia shared with her father. Garcia's dad said he will track down the baby's father and that he "is going to have to pay for all of this."

The human cost of illegal immigration is most evident in situations like Garcia's. People come to the U.S. without resources or proper vetting because Biden welcomes it, but it sometimes means devastating tragedy for the very people he's purportedly helping.

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