Melania Trump Gives Rare Interview As Husband Faces Hush Money Trial

Melania Trump just did something that she hasn't done in a while.

She just gave a solo media appearance.

Answering the cries of many Americans who wanted to hear her opinions about current events involving her husband, Melania Trump recently sat down and gave a rare interview to Fox News in which she urged the country to "unite" instead of continuing to divide.

So far, Melania Trump has remained relatively distant from her husband's trials.

That makes sense, as Donald Trump's affairs are tangled amongst many of them.

You can imagine how tough it would be for Melania to deal with all of this, as the prosecution is intentionally trying to make Donald Trump look like as bad of a person as possible.

As a result, people like a former Playboy model named Karen McDougal are being dragged into the spotlight.

McDougal claims that she had an affair with Donald Trump WHILE Melania Trump was pregnant with Barron Trump.

Sure, Donald Trump has been nowhere close to a perfect husband, but that doesn't mean that Melania agrees with the ridiculous charges against him.

That's why she's calling for the country to unite right now, instead of being further divided like Democrats want.

"We must unite in our effort to establish a society where equality is the everyday experience of every American," Melania Trump said. "Individual freedom provides a unifying set of principles, and ultimately establishes our American way."

When America succeeds, it "blossoms into a magnificent place where everyone can practice their beliefs, share new ideas, and express individualism — this is when we are our best," Melania added.

What do you think about the support Melania is giving Donald Trump?

Does she have the right to take a step back if she wants to, considering how badly these trials and allegations she isn't a part of must be hurting who?

Or should she be looking out for the good of her family and the country more rigorously by appearing in public all the time to fight these allegations?

Let us know your opinion by leaving a comment in the discussion section below!

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