July 6, 2024

Megyn Kelly Accuses Jill Biden of Undermining Joe With 'Shadow Presidency'

Megyn Kelly recently expressed severe criticisms of first lady Jill Biden on Piers Morgan's talk show, sparking a vibrant discussion about the boundaries of the roles within the U.S. presidency.

Kelly's criticism centers on what she perceives as an overreach by Jill Biden, whom she accuses of assuming presidential duties without being elected, in a sort of "shadow" administration, as the New York Post reports.

Controversial Comments on Leadership Roles

During her appearance, Kelly discussed various instances in which she believed Jill Biden had overstepped her position. One prominent instance was when President Joe Biden, during a debate in which many thought he faltered severely, was assisted off of the stage by Jill Biden herself.

Kelly highlighted this moment as evidence of Jill Biden’s undue influence over the president, going so far as to suggest that the first lady was positioning herself for a "shadow presidency."

Furthermore, this interaction followed a tweet from Jill Biden in June 2021, captioned "Prepping for the G7," which Kelly pointed out as inappropriate, commenting, "She’s not the damn president. Get out of the chair," underscoring her viewpoint that Jill Biden should not engage in diplomatic matters reserved for the president.

Discussion About Titular Disputes

Kelly also criticized Jill Biden's use of the title "doctor," which stems from her Doctor of Education degree. She stirred controversy by stressing that, in her view, the only individuals traditionally referred to as "Dr." are medical doctors, causing further debate on social norms associated with academic titles in non-medical fields.

Kelly's critique extends beyond just the use of titles to question the appropriateness and the extent of Jill Biden's engagements in administrative duties, suggesting motivations rooted in a desire for political power rather than providing support.

Skepticism Over Supportive Interactions

The narrative that Jill Biden might be leading a harmful "shadow presidency" has gained traction, especially following observations of her attempts at reinforcing Joe Biden's candidacy after the debate, seemingly orchestrating a facade of enthusiastic reassurance.

After the debate, she was reported to have praised the president excessively in front of a crowd of supporters, asserting "Joe, you did such a great job! You answered every question! You knew all the facts!" -- remarks that Kelly suggests were patronizing and illustrative of her over-the-top influence over him.

According to Kelly, these actions are part of Jill Biden's broader strategy to solidify her presence and influence within the White House, bypassing the conventional electoral process.

Public and Media Reaction

The remarks made by Megyn Kelly on the role of Jill Biden have stimulated a widespread reaction from the media and public alike, with discussions proliferating about the nature and appropriate limits of a first lady’s role within governmental operations.

Kelly's remarks seem to resonate with a segment of observers who view her comments as a necessary critique of political boundaries, whereas others see them as unfair attacks on the first lady's legitimate involvement in supporting her husband's work.

The White House has yet to respond to these comments, but the controversy continues to foster dialogue on the appropriate roles and actions of presidential family members within the realms of governance.


In summarizing, Megyn Kelly's assertive critique of Jill Biden opens up debates on the expected roles of the first lady, highlighting complexities in perceptions of power, influence, and appropriate involvement in governmental duties.

By questioning the boundaries of Jill Biden’s actions, Kelly underscores the ongoing discussions about the nature of democratic roles and the visibility of power within the presidency, continually stirring public and media discourse in the process.

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