G. McConway
December 9, 2022

Media ‘Naughty List’ Not Invited to White House Bash

It would now appear that Joe Biden is holding a bit of a grudge against media members who have been asking honest questions.

The White House Christmas press party list is out, and guess who is not on it?

Notably missing from the guest list were the Daily Caller, Washington Examiner, Newsmax, and New York Post White House correspondents.

My guess is that Fox News was on there only because of its exposure.


Talk about quid-pro-quo…

Say what you want about Trump, but he invited everyone to these parties regardless of how they treated him in the media.

For Joe, it would appear that you miss out on all the goodies if you dare to criticize him.

We saw this earlier in the year with press gaggles and dinner parties, where only the friendliest outlets to the White House were being asked to attend.

When the Daily Caller contacted the White House to find out exactly what dictated who was being invited, the White House refused to comment.

Deputy press secretary under the Trump administration Brian Morgenstern stated that “most of America views the mainstream press corps as friendly to the Biden Administration. The conservative press are the ones who actually try to hold them accountable.

“Excluding the conservative reporters from a Christmas party is obviously petty and vindictive, but it also reinforces the impression that the Democrats and the mainstream media are on the same team.”

One of the more centrist reporters was livid, accusing the White House of being “hypocritical” for allowing reporters that “ask softball questions” to “get prime access to the president.”

The correspondent stated, “In isolation, leaving a reporter off a Christmas party guest list is no big deal. Frankly, I wouldn’t go if invited. Reporters shouldn’t be cozy with those they cover. However, it’s the punitive nature of the invitations that disturbs me.

“Those that do their jobs, and hold the president, and his Administration to account, face retaliation. From Christmas parties, to exclusion from major media events and opportunities to question the President, this is carefully calculated by the White House. It’s hypocritical.”

Also absent from the list was Simon Ateba of Today News Africa, someone who regularly jousts with Karine Jean-Pierre.

He stated, “If an invitation was sent to me, I never received it. I was not invited. Sadly enough, President Biden is a Catholic who goes to church regularly. As I see the discrimination against me and other journalists right in the White House briefing room and elsewhere, I keep wondering, what will Jesus do?

“Where is the love of Christ at Christmas? Where are all the talks about loving all people, helping the little guy, giving equal chance to everyone, or respecting press freedom? Where are all the rules about not retaliating against a journalist because they asked an uncomfortable question? So disappointing.”

Biden is clearly working to gain favor with reporters that obsess over what flavor ice cream he eats while failing to ask him about more serious issues.

At this point, I would consider the snub an admission that you are actually doing your job.

Source: Daily Caller

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