G. McConway
September 4, 2023

McConnell Health Issues Garner Talk of Replacement

Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) has now gone glassy-eyed and stared blankly into the cameras twice in just a few weeks.

We are being told this is a lingering effect of having suffered a major concussion, which happened as a result of a bad fall that McConnell took recently.

Fall or not, people are growing sick of octogenarians calling the shots, so whispers of change among leadership are starting, reported Breitbart.

Let’s Talk

The McConnell freeze has reportedly started conversations among some Senate Republicans that change is needed atop the party.

Now, We the People screamed at the top of our lungs after the failed 2022 election that we wanted to see change in leadership, and McConnell literally laughed in our face knowing that the majority of Senators in the GOP were going to vote him in again.

So, it is rather amusing these very same people are now saying maybe we need a change in leadership. Had they only listened to us in the first place, like they are supposed to do, this would not be happening.

Politico reported that it takes only five Senators to call for a special conference meeting, and they more than likely have enough to do that.

However, the feeling right now is that McConnell still has the support of most of the Senate.

One anonymous source told Politico as much, stating, “If a handful goes down that path, it will be a rerun of the last time.”

This is the man that Republicans in office continue to support for leadership…

Doctors stated that he was experiencing lightheadedness due to a recent concussion, but that does not tell the entire story.

This has now happened twice, and as Senate leader, McConnell needs to be out there talking up different candidates for the upcoming election, and he is simply incapable of doing such travel right now.

We have been getting our clocks cleaned by Democrats since the 2018 election, yet the same people are put back in charge time and time again… we need change, and I just don’t understand why people keep electing the same failed people to office.

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