G. McConway
December 19, 2023

McCarthy: Hunter Legal Problems Could Derail Biden’s Re-election Campaign

Former Assistant U.S. Attorney Andy McCarthy was doing the media circuit this weekend, and I am sure his comments did not sit well with the Biden family.

Even more so, they are probably upset with former White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki for even talking about Hunter’s issues on her show on MSNBC.

McCarthy did not hold back during an appearance on Fox News, believing that Hunter’s legal problems could bury Biden in the upcoming election.

Take Him Down

The overall narrative by the majority of political pundits I heard commenting on Hunter Biden’s defiant press conference at the Capitol was not very positive for Biden.

Many of them compared Hunter’s refusal to testify before Congress with Biden’s comments regarding former Trump staffers who defied the congressional subpoenas.

Psaki conceded that the remarks were “not helpful to anyone,” even suggesting that people in the White House just want Hunter to “go away,” but McCarty took it a step further.

McCarthy responded to Psaki’s segment, stating, The time to worry about what Jen Psaki is talking about was before Hunter got indicted, when they were trying to make that whole case go away. But now obviously, he's indicted in not one, but two cases.

“So he's going to be out there publicly, as is his lawyer speaking, and that's going to be excruciating for the president… There's a kind of confluence of events that we've seen. David Axelrod says maybe Biden shouldn't run. There's a Wall Street Journal report this weekend where it seems like Obama is saying the same thing.

“We've got now two indictments and what astonished me about [the latest indictment] is not just the details. This is a 4,000-word report, which means that they spent weeks on it. They could have dropped it at any time.

“And it dredges up stuff that's been kind of vaguely known for years and that Joe Biden must have thought that he had survived that long ago. And here it is again, right at a time when a lot of top Democrats are saying it may be time for him to get out.”

Reports have been hitting the wires for about a week now about how much of a toll this is taking on Biden, adding to the pressure of his falling approval rating and the fact that Trump is now beating him in virtually every poll, including among the key battleground states that were won by Biden in 2020.

Biden has reportedly told people behind the scenes that he is now worried about Hunter relapsing, but I think there is something else that nobody is really talking about that is also getting to Joe.

If Hunter winds up with a sentence that would require him to do prison time, and yes, I realize that is a long shot, does anyone really think that Hunter is going to stay quiet?

If you noticed, Hunter telegraphed a possible move by saying that his father was not “financially” involved in his business activities, a big change from the previous denials by all parties that Joe was not involved in any way with Hunter’s business activities.

We all know they were peddling influence, now they just need to put the dots together to show specifically where and what policies were influenced.

Hunter is Joe’s kryptonite, and, eventually, it will be Hunter that will take Joe down.

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