G. McConway
May 13, 2023

Mayorkas Makes Final Plea to Migrants Before Title 42 Ends

DHS Secretary Mayorkas decided to get in front of the cameras again this week to make it appear as though he is doing something about the border crisis.

His idea of addressing the issue is begging migrants not come to our border, professing the border is closed, reports the Washington Post.

He has been doing this since the beginning of the crisis, so we all know how well this strategy has worked so far.

Don't Come…

Mayorkas seems to believe that people have been on foot for weeks traveling to the border have TV, so he sent them a direct message.

Mayorkas stated, "The border is not open. Starting tonight, people who arrive at the border without using a lawful pathway will be presumed ineligible for asylum.

"We have 24,000 Border Patrol Agents and Officers at the Southwest Border and have surged thousands of troops and contractors, and over a thousand asylum officers to help enforce our laws. Do not believe the lies of smugglers," reports Fox News.

He concluded, "People who do not use available lawful pathways to enter the U.S. now face tougher consequences, including a minimum five-year ban on re-entry and potential criminal prosecution. Together with our partners throughout the federal government and Western Hemisphere, we are prepared for this transition."

So, first, did he actually just confess that to this point, they have not been deporting, prosecuting, or punishing people who have come to this country illegally, because that is what that sound like to me.

Secondly, nobody believes the words coming out of his mouth. We have all seen the memo by now that Mayorkas wants to let people go free without a court date once they are processed.

A judge, thankfully, blocked that order from going into effect, not that it means anything because this administration has shown time and again that it has zero respect for our laws and court orders. As a matter of fact, in a recent Supreme Court decision, Justice Alito even noted that the administration has shown a penchant for disregarding legal decisions.

Our border has been open since the day Joe Biden took office and there is simply no reason to believe any different until we see proof.

Until then, Mr. Mayorkas, stop blowing smoke up our you know what.

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