G. McConway
March 9, 2023

Massive Ad Campaign Seeks to Expose Biden Medicare Cuts

For months now, Biden and his administration have been hammering the GOP on Medicare and social security cuts.

The narrative is bogus and has been debunked many times already.

But there is a little something that is not being reported by the media, which is what Joe Biden has actually done to Medicare… make cuts.

The GOP is now spending millions in an ad campaign to make sure the American people know who really cut the funding, reports Axios.

The Real Cuts

A new Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report shows that Biden has moved $307 billion out of Medicare Advantage over to green energy products. Some of that money has also gone to fund the increases he wanted for the IRS.

“The CBO report found that Biden spent $80 billion of the Medicare Advantage cut cash for IRS expansion, $76 billion ‘to reduce greenhouse gasses,’ and $36 billion on refundable tax credits for green energy, among other projects,” reports Fox News.

The funny thing here is that Biden is using a tried and true method of deflection that Democrats have been reliant on for the past six years. They accuse the other party of doing what they are actually doing.

What Republicans have proposed is merely looking at how funding for Medicare and Social Security are done, ideally, to revamp the programs so they are not constantly in financial danger. Ironically, Biden himself targeted these programs for much of his career in the Senate.

Sunsetting is not ending… sunsetting a program is putting it back on the floor for review after a specific amount of time, and I do not see the problem with that, especially when all we hear is how much peril these programs are in during each election cycle.

What is wrong with reviewing the overall structure and coming up with something better?

You see, that is the problem with our government today… rather than fix the problem, they just continue to throw more money at it to keep it operational, regardless of how much extra it costs the taxpayers. A perfect example of that is not only Medicare and social security, but also the USPS.

When these ads hit, it will be very interesting to see how the White House and media react, especially the White House and its never-ending spin machine.

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