G. McConway
January 24, 2023

Manchin Very Critical of Biden Over Classified Documents

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) has been all over the place as of late.

He seems to know that he is floundering in polls, so now he is just making moves to try to save his Senate seat come 2024.

He has made two rather startling statements as of late that defy Biden, one of them being on how Biden handled the classified documents.

Not the Party Line

For the most part, Democrats have been defending Joe Biden's handling of the classified documents.

Everyone is slapping him on the back for his attorneys notifying the DOJ when they found documents. Manchin is not going that route, and for good reason.

Manchin arguably has the most moderate base of any Senator in office, so he truly has to walk that middle line if he wants to keep getting that fat government paycheck.

To that point, when asked about Biden's handling of the documents, he stated, "To put those in unsecure spaces is irresponsible. I think he should have a lot of regrets.

"I'm going hold someone accountable, but basically the buck stops with me.

"We're all human and make mistakes. I can tell you, I don't think anyone intended – he sure didn't intend for it to fall in the wrong hands and use it against our country. I know he didn't intend that to happen.

"Could it have happened? I don't know. And, yeah, you just might as well say, 'Listen, it's responsible. It was something we should have had a better check and balance on.'"

I disagree with Manchin on that just a bit.

Do I think Biden turned over classified documents to one of our adversaries or enemies? I truly hope not.

However, I do think he used them for personal gain at the Penn Biden Center and possibly in family business dealings. When you look at the nature of the documents and what was going on at the time, there is no way this is just an odd coincidence.

If we get an honest investigation into this mess, I think I will be proven right.

Source: Fox News

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