Ryan E.
September 9, 2023

Majority Say Mitch McConnell's Advanced Age 'Severely' Impacts His Ability

A majority of American adults believe the same thing about Kentucky Republican Sen. Mitch McConnell:


He's too old age, too old money, too corrupt, and too confused to be leading this country for even a moment longer.

Americans were recently asked about McConnell's rapidly advancing age in relation to his job as a senator, and the results were very easy to interpret:

Voters are tired of McConnell. Just like they are tired of Dianne Feinstein. Just like they are tired of Joe Biden. Just like they are tired of Nancy Pelosi.

These people need to be in nursing homes, not making decisions for the next three generations of Americans.

I would be EXTREMELY surprised if Biden, Feinstein, McConnell, or Pelosi were still living in another ten years, so what are they doing running this country?

They're going to be dead before anything they're doing right now would make a difference in America, so why keep ruining this country in the meantime?

Because McConnell and Biden and Pelosi and Feinstein aren't looking out for us, they're looking out for them.

These dinosaurs are willing to do whatever is required to keep themselves in power and their families rich.

You're either in the club, or you're not. Feinstein, Biden, Pelosi, and McConnell are in the club.

The rest of America is not.

That's how these corrupt old morons are able to keep lining their own pockets with the blood of the American middle class.

Biden can't walk. McConnell has had multiple freezes in the middle of public speeches. Feinstein doesn't even know where she is when she's being wheeled into work. Pelosi has been retired for a reason.

It's time that America started looking at the facts and standing up for ourselves.

Sorry Mitch, you're too old.

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