G. McConway
December 1, 2022

Mainstream Media Finally Starting to Report on Border Crisis

Joe Biden has been in office for nearly 23 months.

For about 22 of those months, we have continuously seen record-breaking numbers at the border.

For the most part, the mainstream media has refused to give the story and traction at all.

That just changed.

We Have a Crisis

This issue at the border is about far more than the sheer number of bodies that are coming across.

This is about illegal guns, drugs, and human trafficking.

We would have been happy if any of that was covered, but just about every major outlet other than Fox News ignored it.

This week, however, Jake Tapper and CNN started to address the issue.

While interviewing Rep. James Comer (R-KY), Tapper stated, “It is a crisis at the border, without question.

“Isn’t the larger solution to security issues at the border a comprehensive bill that updates the laws, beefs up security and also is able to get 60 votes in the Senate and President [Joe] Biden’s signature?

“Meaning some sort of compromise that includes tougher at-the-border measures that you want but a willingness to sit down with Democrats. Is that not the ultimate way to solve this problem?”

Uhm, Jake… the GOP has been dying to sit down to talk about better border security, but this administration just shakes them off and looks for more ways to allow criminals into the country.

On MSNBC, Joe Scarborough also brought it up this week, but he was baffled how Republicans continue to lose on this subject.

He stated, “You know, you look and you see that immigration has been used,” Scarborough said. “It was used in 2018. Remember the caravans. People with leprosy, they said ‘oh, lepers are coming to the United States and bringing leprosy’ and Trump actually deploys troops, keeps them away from their families through the holidays because he’s thinking that’s gonna work. Republicans get crushed in ’20. They tried the convoys and the caravans in ’20. It didn’t work. They lost the House. They lost the Senate.

“It didn’t work in 2022. My god, you would have thought it would have worked in 2022 because illegal immigration in the southern border is crazy right now if you go to the southern border.

“There is such a humanitarian crisis there and the numbers are just unbelievable and yet a Democrat wins the Senate race. A Democrat wins the governor’s race.”

Well, Joe, could that possibly be because half this country has been watching liberal stations and they are completely unaware of the crisis at the border because reporters like you DO NOT report it?

I have literally had conversations with liberals that tell me the issues at the border are nothing but a right-wing conspiracy.

When I show them the Fox News drone footage, they tell me it is staged. It is utterly ridiculous that they refuse to believe anything on Fox News when it is the only station that got these stories right from the outset.

Maybe now that it is starting to get coverage, it will start to impact voters a little more.

Source: Daily Caller

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