G. McConway
January 8, 2024

Liz Cheney: Trump Should Be Disqualified from Holding Future Office

With the turn of the calendar, we can fully expect the full never-Trump crowd to crawl out from under their rocks and start the attacks against Donald Trump.

That would explain why former Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) is a hot commodity with the media right now.

Cheney recently appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” giving her opinion about Trump’s political future.

Never Again

If you read my reports regularly, you know that it was only last week that I predicted the attacks from the left and never-Trumpers would start.

For the most part, the media, the never-Trumpers, and the Democrats have left Trump alone, allowing him to build momentum for the GOP primary race.

With Joe Biden now losing to Trump in key battleground states and national polling, however, they cannot wait any longer to unleash, and so it has begun.

Cheney was asked her thoughts on how the Supreme Court will rule now that Trump has taken his appeal to the Supreme Court regarding Trump being permitted on the ballot.

In part, she stated, “If you look at the Select Committee’s work, we made a criminal referral with respect to the part of the 14th amendment that talks about providing aid and comfort to an insurrection. I certainly believe that Donald Trump’s behavior rose to that level, I believe that he ought to be disqualified from holding office in the future. It’s working its way through the courts.”

Cheney was also asked about Trump’s claim of presidential immunity, to which she responded, “Look, I think that there’s no basis for an assertion that the President of the United States is completely immune from criminal prosecution for acts in office. And I suspect that that’s what the Court will hold.”

I will take these comments on in reverse. The court has set a clear precedent that presidential immunity only holds in instances where the president was acting in his role as president, not for personal reasons, so the court will have to decide if Trump was defending the integrity of the elections or acting as a candidate.

For the 14th Amendment case, I believe the court will overturn the ruling, allowing Trump to be left on the ballot.

Having said that, I believe the court also needs to decide how that Amendment could be applied moving forward, or we are going to wind up with more suits being filed if Trump secures the nomination.

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