G. McConway
November 26, 2022

Liberal Stronghold Turning Red Over ‘Defund the Police’

One of the most liberal cities in all of California is starting to change colors.

Notoriously liberal West Hollywood is starting to wake up, just in a different way.

Rather than vote the blue line during election, we are starting to residents back whoever the police are backing.

This is a clear pushback against the defund the police movement that has been saturating blue strongholds.

Aging to Conservatism

This seems like a process we see replicated in real life.

All those liberals causes go by the wayside as you start earning more money and realize your tax dollars are being flushed.

Jessica Levinson, an election law professor at Loyola Law School, stated, "It's always been seen as very progressive, but a lot of the residents are also aging into more moderate positions."

City officials, for the first time in forever, are getting noticeable pushback on their criminal justice platforms.

John Heilman was a city councilman for 36 years, but now he is gone.

The Times called him "one of the most liberal in the state" of California, and that is saying something.

He lost his seat after the 2020 election, and the city has turned even more moderate and conservative during the last election.

The city council now seems to be far more liberal than voters, at least its policies have been.

For example, they voted to make cuts to the police department and install the highest minimum wage in the country.

These policies are crushing local small business owners and the policing impacts everyone.

Levinson added, "Progressive and not-progressive doesn't always cut cleanly on criminal justice issues.

"When people feel their safety is threatened in any way, they tend to not vote as liberal as maybe they otherwise would."

This is a huge opportunity for conservative elected officials throughout the country.

We may never get another chance like this to show that our way simply works better.

If we can deliver, maybe that red wave will come back in 2024.

Source: Fox News

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