March 11, 2024

Liberal Groups Pressuring Justice Sotomayor to Leave the Bench

Democrats and liberals are very worried about Joe Biden’s chances to beat Trump in the 2024 election.

Their alleged plan to have him tied up in court during the election season looked foolproof, but Trump continues to get these cases delayed.

Now pressure is being applied to Justice Sotomayor, the oldest of the liberal justices, to step down so Biden can replace her before his first term is over.

Time to Go

We saw this campaign against Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg during the waning days of the Obama administration.

Then, their worst fear came true, with Ginsburg dying while Trump was still in office, allowing conservatives to snag a 6-3 advantage on the court.

Democrats and liberals do not want to risk that advantage going to 7-2 if Republicans win the White House, then Sotomayor passes away or needs to step down for health reasons during a Republican term.

Leftist writer John Borro was up in arms over the possibility, writing, “You’re worried about putting control of the court completely out of reach for more than a generation, but you can’t criticize an official who’s putting your entire policy project at risk because she is Hispanic?

“If this is how the Democratic Party operates, it deserves to lose.”

Sotomayor has had health issues in recent years, but this does not seem to be a pressing issue.

Furthermore, at 69 years old, Sotomayor does not seem ready to turn in her robe just yet.

Looking into the future, however, she would be 73 during the waning days of a possible Trump administration. And if Republicans manage to win this election, and then win again in 2028, it could be at least 12 years before we see another Democrat in the White House, if not longer.

I think it is a given that Thomas will retire when a Republican gets back into the White House, and there could be pressure on both Alito and Thomas to retire as well, locking down the six seats we have for at least two decades.

If Republicans are able to snag Sotomayor’s seat again, it could be three decades before the court even comes close to having a liberal lean again, and that is okay by me.

The only thing saving this country right now is the Supreme Court, and a 7-2 advantage would at least give us hope for the future even if we do lose the White House again.

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