May 5, 2024

Lawsuit results in dissolution of Biden administration 'expert' panel

As more details continue to emerge about the Biden administrations efforts to block critical information from reaching the American people, the president has suffered a significant loss in the wake of legal action designed to boost transparency.

As the Daily Caller reports, on Friday, the White House agreed to disband a group of so-called “experts” comprised of, among others, several of those who signed a letter declaring the infamous Hunter Biden laptop to be Russian disinformation.

Background of litigation

Due primarily to a lawsuit filed by America First Legal, Biden's Department of Homeland Security said it would “wind down” something known as the “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group” within 30 days.

Members of the aforementioned group included folks such as former CIA Director John Brennan as well as former DNI James Clapper, both of whom affixed their names to a 2020 letter suggesting that the Hunter Biden laptop and the salacious data contained therein were part of a “Russian information operation.”

Subsequently, numerous media outlets, including the Washington Post and the New York Times verified the authenticity of the computer, giving lie to the claims made by Brennan, Clapper, and list of other current and former intelligence officials.

America First Legal filed suit on behalf of former Ambassador Ric Grenell, claiming that the panel was “a deeply partisan group designed to provide top cover for the Deparment [of Homeland Security's] radical agenda under Secretary [Alejandro] Mayorkas” and that its existence violated the Federal Advisory Committee Act in numerous ways, “including its lack of balance, the Biden Administration's inappropriate influence over it, and its lack of public notice and participation, among other things.”

Terms of dissolution outlined

An order submitted to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia meant to resolve the matter reads in pertinent part, “The Experts Group shall be wound down within thirty (30) days of the entry of the Order, it will not hold any future meetings, and the Department will not reconstitute the Experts Group inconsistent with the FACA or the Homeland Security Act of 2002.”

“The Department will also provide the Experts Group meeting agendas and meeting minutes with participant identifying information redacted within fifteen (15) days of the entry of the Order,” it went on.

Provided the administration complies with those terms, the proposed order read, “Plaintiffs have agreed to dismiss their lawsuit with prejudice.”

America First celebrates result

With disbandment of the group now imminent, America First Legal heralded the outcome, saying, “As a result of our lawsuit in federal court, DHS is surrendering in total to our demands: they are closing down their new partisan intelligence board featuring Clapper and Brennan – which would have been used to promote censored, unethical spying, and gross civil rights invasions of political enemies – and they are surrendering their documents, handing them over to our possession. We won.”

Grenell himself added, “The partisanship and corruption coming out of the Biden Administration must be challenged in court, not just through public complaining. Stephen Miller's America First Legal is doing just that – taking the Biden Administration to court when they manipulate the law for their personal political gain.”

He went on, “Thank God Stephen created this organization. DHS just surrendered because they knew the America First Legal team was right, and Biden's team broke the law.”

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