Ryan E.
August 27, 2023

Lawmakers Mourn 2-Year Anniversary Of Biden's Premature Evacuation That Killed 13 Americans

It may have been one of the biggest failures in American presidential history.

Yet those on the left NEVER talk about it.

Biden's premature evacuation in Afghanistan.

That's probably because they want you to forget that it ever happened. It's not likely that you'll do that though. Unless you're somebody like Joe Biden, you have a hard time forgetting about the deaths of 13 American heroes that could have been prevented.

The fact that these young people will sign up to give the ultimate sacrifice if that's what their country requires should make them HEROES. Instead, Biden treated them as expendables.

On Aug. 26, Republican lawmakers took to social media to honor the 13 Americans Biden left to be killed in Afghanistan when he rushed a withdrawal from the country. Joe left the Taliban in charge and millions and millions and millions of dollars of American military equipment behind.

The equipment wasn't just left to rot, however.

It was left for the Taliban to utilize.

Representative Rob Wittman, a Republican from Virginia, posted one of the best tributes:

"Two years ago today, we witnessed the deadliest attack on U.S. forces in over a decade when a suicide bomber entered the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, taking the lives of 13 selfless United States servicemembers," he said. "To this day, not one member of the Biden administration has been held accountable for their botched withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s time for all of those who have served our nation over the past two decades, and their loved ones, to get the answers they deserve."

Elise Stefanik of New York joined in:

"Two years ago today, our nation was devastated by the deaths of 13 brave Servicemembers in the deadliest attack on Americans in Afghanistan since 2011, which was a direct result of President Biden‘s catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal. We will never forget their courageous service and sacrifice on behalf of our great nation. That day, House Republicans vowed that we would hold President Biden and his administration accountable for their disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal," she said. "Since retaking control of the house, we have delivered on that promise despite the Biden administration’s efforts to stonewall our investigations. House Republicans remain committed to delivering justice for those 13 brave Servicemembers and all of our Afghanistan veterans."

Others added their input as well:

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